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The truth is this: you can’t hide from tryptophan… I don’t know about you but every thanksgiving I eat the turkey dinner and am simply exhausted right after. Tryptophan is an amino acid found in all turkeys. If you don’t want the exhausted feeling like you’ve eaten for hours, then don’t eat the turkey! Even if you buy an organic turkey, the tryptophan is in the meat and can’t be avoided.

If you don’t want to feel SO tired after dinner, (or during) then you should probably eat a small portion and cut back on the carbohydrates. The combo of the tryp and the carbs will really make you sleepy. Try to add veggies into the equation and hope for the best.

I hope you don’t think you’re the only one who gets tired after thanksgiving… we ALL do! It’s only one day and you should let yourself enjoy great food with great people.

If you want to bring something to your dinner check out my sweet potato pie recipe – that’s a definite winner!

Have a great holiday and remember to spread the love as much as you can this thanksgiving.


It’s that time of year when lots of people are scrambling to find recipes for their thanksgiving and holiday dinners. This has now become my favorite time of year! I’m having so much fun searching through all of my cookbooks trying to find recipes that fit the needs of my special gluten free, no dairy and no refined sugar diet. I will definitely have to alter some of the recipes to my needs, but hey, it’s all part of the fun!

You wouldn’t believe how many great recipes I’ve found and don’t worry I will be sure to post them up once I try them out. My friends and family are lucky since they will be trying everything and letting me know if it’s worthy for the thanksgiving table or not.

Try not to get stressed over the holidays – they’re supposed to be fun! And it’s a great time to catch up with family and friends.

Enjoy it – cooking is fun! No one will judge if you order in or buy food already prepared BUT I’m just throwing it out there that cooking is so satisfying – (at least for me!) – I love seeing the end result of enjoyment and pleasure, it makes my day.

I hope you can find some recipes to try out – even if it’s only one – then you will have the opportunity to feel the satisfaction at the end. Try something new! Be adventurous!

Don’t let the rain get you down today – throw on some rain boots and get out and smell the fresh air. Someone once told me that the air is the freshest right after it rains – I believe it. Soak it in, literally.

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