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One of many Larabar flavors

One of many Larabar flavors

I’ve always had trouble finding a granola bar that’s healthy and filling at the same time. By no means am I trying to replace a meal with these bars, but I like to stick them in my purse for times when I’m desperate for something nourishing. I also like to keep them in my pantry for a snack.

The problem that I find with most of these bars is that they are filled with preservatives, sugar and unhealthy ingredients. SO, when I eat them I have now learned that I am prone to getting a stomachache.

You can imagine how frustrated I’ve been that I can’t eat these bars anymore, nor do I want to. My stomach can’t handle the chemicals/preservatives/sugar that’s used.

I have finally been introduced to a bar that is actually healthy! I am so excited about it that I knew I had to share with my blog community. These bars are filled with real, whole ingredients and are naturally sweetened without any added sugar of any sort. Not even agave!

Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up a
Larabar and read the ingredients. You will be amazed that there are only about three or four ingredients in most of the bars.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say it’s healthy to eat more then one bar per day – but if you are indulging in other bars this is a MUCH healthier choice. Be advised that they do have fat, but it’s HEALTHY fat; completely different then the other stuff that’s used in the other products.


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