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Over the past two years I have learned the importance of reading the nutrition facts of each item that I eat. When I go to the supermarket I take my time through the aisles because I am constantly picking up boxes and packages, reading them and either putting them back or sticking them in my cart.

I have come to realize that the healthiest way of eating is to read each item listed and understand what each ingredient is. If you don’t know what it is then it’s probably not good for you. You want real, whole ingredients in the food that you buy. Otherwise you are consuming chemicals and preservatives, which are most likely harming your health in some way or another.

This realization and understanding has been another way that my life has transformed in the past few years. I’m now completely aware of what’s inside my food and therefore I know what’s being fed to my body.

I enjoy sharing what has helped transform my life because I know many of you suffer from the same type of symptoms that I’ve had. I hope you can learn from what I’ve learned. Please feel free to share any life stories that have helped transform your life into a healthy state of being, or anything else that you’d like to share of course.

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