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Yesterday I went to The Food Emporium where I was looking for a few items that were missing from my refrigerator. I happened to stroll through one of the isles where they sell pancake mix and sweeteners.

I was surprised to see that mixed in with the Bisquick were healthy brands like Arrowhead and Bob’s Red Mill. I also saw Agave nectar mixed in with the Aunt Jemima’s syrup. This actually surprised me because I am used to seeing an entirely separate section for the healthy items.

When I talked to my fiancé about it, who was in the store with me, we decided that this was amazing because it may be possible that the consumers of Bisquick will go to pick up their merchandise but they will see the Arrowhead instead. It’s quite possible that these people will pick up both to look at the difference and they will surely see that Arrowhead is a MUCH healthier choice! How amazing and brilliant those Food Emporium people are!

I am thrilled to see this new display of the merchandise in their store. Maybe other supermarkets will catch on and it will become a new way of shopping for many people.

Check out your nearest market to see how they have it set up. Are the healthy foods easily accessible? Is there a section made just for the healthy foods? And if so, why isn’t it mixed with the other type of food?

If they make a special section, the people who don’t normally shop there will most likely not find themselves down the healthy section. With this new way of displaying the items, those that usually choose unhealthy choices will be faced with a choice of a healthy brand. FINALLY!

Ask questions and let yourself be heard.

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