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I know that many times people think that grocery shopping is a pain in the neck, but I always try to see it as an adventure instead of a hassle. Try to think of it as a time to explore new items and foods! Be adventurous… eating the same thing gets pretty boring after a while.

Recently I’ve taken a huge liking to Trader Joes. If you haven’t explored the great options that they have I would say to get off of your computer right now and head to your nearest store.

The reason I enjoy it so much is that they have a lot of organic, natural, no added preservatives and no added sugar products. They brand most of their items except for the few labels that they bring in, meaning that they can charge less to the consumers. This makes my fiancé and I quite happy and we head to Trader Joes any chance we can.

I hope you can take this summer to enjoy the beautiful weather and also take the time to explore your local supermarkets for products that are new to you, or maybe aren’t on your usual weekly grocery list. Have fun with it!

Food is our essence and it makes us tick, so make sure to tick healthfully and happily.

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