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I’d like to write my thoughts on these quick fix diets that are always buzzing through the media. What I really don’t like about them is that they’re really just a “quick fix” that is highly likely to end within a short amount of time. Maybe you’ll stick to this special diet for a few months, maybe a few weeks but the question is, what happens after those few weeks?

I propose that if you’d like to change your weight or the way you look in general, the most important thing is to continue with a change that is realistic for you. If you only eat protein for three meals a day then you’re going to be losing water weight. The second you start eating “normally” again; you will gain the weight back very quickly. This is one reason why people have such ups and downs with their weight; they are constantly trying different diets that eliminate the necessary nutrients for daily survival.

It is essential for each human to receive the correct mix of proteins, fats and carbs on a daily basis. I stand by this statement and believe that if a person is dedicated to eating whole, real and natural foods with the correct proportions then they will not only feel great, but will be losing weight at the same time.

If you’d like to chat about any personal issues that you may have regarding your own weight, please feel free to email me. Again, as a soon to be Holistic Health Counselor, I am very excited to be helping make the world just a little bit healthier starting with you, my readers. Have a great day wherever you may be.

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