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For those of you who wake up in the morning and dread those 8 hours of sitting in an office bathing under fluorescent lights – I completely understand.

I too am in this lovely position all-day and only find comfort and excitement when I write a blog post or spend time coming up with a new recipe to try.

It’s the small things that I do for myself during the day that actually get me through. SO if you find yourself in the same position as me – don’t consider yourself stuck – just find a way to bring what you like and what makes you happy into your workspace. Just remember that you’re NOT alone and there are lots of people who are in the same boat as you.

The trick is to find your way out – how can you make your exit strategy as painless as possible? Remember that this is YOUR life and your time is precious. If you don’t like your job take time for yourself to figure out what you do like and make it work. Your passion CAN be your job. I know its hard to make any sort of change or transition – I’m going through it right now – but I know once the initial plunge is over then it will all (hopefully) be smooth sailing from there. I try to stay as positive as I can and I definitely recommend the same for you.

I hope the rest of your week is filled with happiness… you deserve it.

Last night I made it a point to head to the gym. As I was on the elliptical I thought back to the last time that I’d been to the gym and realized it was more then a few weeks ago! Recently I’ve had a lot going on in my life but I need to remind myself that it’s no excuse.

Taking care of my body is SO important – especially when I’m going through a hard time. I need to let my feelings and emotions out through sweating – not just through a yoga class but also through cardio exercise.

I’m a bit mad that I let myself go for this long but I decided to use that anger and write about it. I hope you can all relate to this and remember that there’s nothing more important then taking care of yourself – even if your grandmother is on so much pain medication that she doesn’t recognize you and your family – you STILL need to take care of yourself.

Clearly that last line pertains to myself and it’s been a difficult few weeks watching my grandmother go through a really hard time. As we all know, life is just like a roller coaster and if you don’t take the ride, you’ll never learn, feel or grow.

Please try your hardest to make time for yourself today – whether that means taking a jog through the park or laughing with friends.


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