Today is my first day of yoga teacher training school and I’m pretty excited about it. Of course with my history last night I was all anxious/excited and barely slept a wink. In fact, I think I saw every hour hit the clock throughout the night. What an awful way to begin this incredible journey.

I figured that by writing a blog post I could make it up to myself and share my experiences with you all. This yoga-training course is supposed to be about healing, breath and new experiences. So why do I feel nervous, anxious and my stomach in knots?!

Well this is just my nature… I’ve come to accept myself just the way that I am. It’s just like starting my first day of school – I picked out my clothes, packed some snacks and I’m all set for my early morning wake up. If you’ve ever experienced these types of feelings before the start of something big, don’t try to ask lots of questions on how NOT to feel this way… just try to breathe through it and take it one step at a time.

So what if I didn’t sleep much, eh… no biggie, I’ll catch up tonight.

I wish you all a wonderful day. Remember to accept yourself for who you are – you may even feel better by doing that.