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A trip to the grocery store can be all sorts of fun, but on the other hand it can be VERY overwhelming. If you look around there are thousands of packages that are colorful, bright and just popping out at you.

What I’ve come to notice with my supermarket visits is the increasing number of packages that say “all natural” on the front of the item. What urkes me about this is that these companies are just trying to persuade the consumer into buying their product. If I stop to think about it, how can it be “all natural” like they say it is? Either it’s certified organic, or its not… There really is no in-between. If a product is marketed as “all natural”, then why does it have added preservatives?

What I’ve noticed about myself, as well as other people I’ve gone shopping with, is that we are more prone to buying these “all natural” items, but really, I’m just not so sure that they are so different then the other brand sitting right next to it on the shelf.

My question is this, does anyone regulate these “all natural” products? The USDA has different rules and regulations to allow for a product to be considered organic. Why are these “all natural” items getting away with misleading their consumers?

This is definitely something you can/should be thinking about before buying your products. Take a look at the packaging. Are you just buying it because of these added few words on the cover? Are you even comparing the product with its competitor to the left of it? Ask yourself these questions before you spend your precious money on something that may be false.

Do research.

To know is ten times better than not to know.

I look forward to hearing your stories/thoughts.

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