There is an advertisement made by the NYC Health Department about sugary soda drinks and how it will add 10 pounds to your body in a year.

What a wonderful ad! There has been many negative comments about it because it seems that people don’t want to know the truth about what they are eating/drinking. I give the health department a lot of credit for putting the ad out there anyway, even though I’m sure they knew that it wouldn’t have a positive response.

I hope people stop having such faith in the soda companies because they haven’t realized until now that these companies are making them fat. That seems like an extreme statement and of course it’s not just the soda but I will tell you that it’s definitely not helping.

When you watch the video, which I have posted here, you will see the extreme measure that the health department is taking to get people to make a change in their diets.

Even if you try quitting soda for just 1 week to see how you feel, it’s worth it. This commercial was worth every penny they spent to bring awareness to you and your family.

Spread the word!

Drink water, seltzer or natural drinks made without any added sugar.