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Food Inc. Movie trailer

Food Inc. Movie trailer

I’d like you to stop and think about just how many restaurants you eat at per week. Then ask yourself where these restaurants get their food… you probably have no idea where the food comes from unless you wait for the food trucks to arrive. I’ve learned that we as humans, who are constantly hungry for information, have a right to know exactly what we are eating. Why not? What’s to hide?

The truth is that the average consumer has absolutely no idea where their food comes from and quite frankly most people don’t care. If people really knew what they were eating I think they would care. Most meat comes from factory farms where the animals are so tightly packed together and disease such as E. coli O157:H7  is quite easy to contract. These conditions are carried into the food that you eat and you don’t even know it.

I saw the movie Food Inc. this weekend, which shows its viewers a glimpse into the food industry and how corrupt it is. Like many other industries, three or four companies control the food market. They produce meat the quickest and fastest to keep up with the demand from fast food restaurants. The farming world changed when McDonalds needed their products in gigantic quantities at a fast speed. Farmers changed their ways to stay in business and make America happy.

We did this to ourselves… that’s the scariest part. We as Americans demand our food to be at the supermarket no matter what season it is. For farmers the only way to make that happen is to use chemicals to preserve the fruits and vegetables and to plug the animals with hormones and food that they are not meant to ingest – such as corn.

There are so many problems with the food industry and this movie only touches on it. The movie will hopefully open your eyes to at least question what it is you are eating.

You can find it playing at small independent movie theaters but it may not be showing in your area. If so, definitely see it on dvd – it’s so important to know and understand what you may have not known for many many years. I hope this can open your eyes just a little bit because this is a huge issue in our society.

As they said in the movie “you can change the world one bite at a time.”

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