Whether or not you get a flu shot or the H1N1 vaccination is up to you, but I found this article by Dr. Frank Lipman quite fascinating. Dr. Lipman gives great advice on staying healthy during the fall/winter seasons and actually all year round.

If you want to know my personal opinion about the H1N1 vaccine, well, I’ll share it. I don’t like being the first to try these vaccines. Just like the HPV vaccine, Gardasil for women, my doctor asked me every time I stepped into her office if I wanted the vaccine and I continuously told her no. Finally, out came the bad results about the vaccine and boy was I glad that I didn’t inject myself with unnecessary chemicals.

The same goes for the H1N1 for me. I’m not the first to jump up and get vaccinated just because everyone else is – I would rather load up on vitamins and wash my hands frequently – that’s just my opinion though.

Hopefully you make the right decision for yourself. Please read Dr. Lipman’s article, which will give you some great tips to hopefully stay swine free.