After a pretty crazy couple of weeks of preparing for me and my fiance’s engagement party – I’m finally ready to sit down and write a blog! All of our hard work in planning and preparing produced a wonderful, heartfelt party and I’m so glad that everything went as planned.

Moving right along… I’d like to talk about Omega-3 fish oil. It’s been known that fish oil helps our bodies in many ways but it especially aids with inflammation – especially for people with IBD (irritable bowel disease). I’ve taken many different forms of fish oil and have hated it for so long because it always comes back on me (meaning that I taste it throughout the day…gross!)

In passing, I was talking to a woman who was explaining the benefits of enteric-coated vitamins. This is the most amazing invention – let me explain. Enteric-coating resists attack by stomach acid, so the capsules pass into the intestines intact and release their contents there. This is truly wonderful! The fish taste doesn’t come back up anymore and I can finally benefit from this wonderful healing oil.

Fish oil definitely can’t harm you unless you have an allergy to it – so, personally, I think everyone can benefit from this and should at least try taking it. It aids in your cardiovascular health, (which is enough reason to take it right there) as well as your mental and physical health in general. Fish oil is easy to take, especially the enteric-coated form.

I just started taking Fisol from Nature’s Way and that is the brand that I’m recommending. I hope this works for you and please share your experience if you can.

I hope your stomach feels great today and if it doesn’t, pay attention to it and give it some love – in other words, give yourself some love. It’s a gorgeous day today and I hope you can take a few minutes to soak up the sun and it’s vitamin D.