Genepas cracked open revealing the delicious inside

Genepas cracked open revealing the delicious inside

While in Puerto Rico I discovered a fruit that they call genepas. These were the most amazing, sweet and tangy fruit to ever hit my mouth. It was an interesting experience as they are sold by people who pick them straight off the tree and stand on the side of the highway waiting for drivers to stop and buy a whole bunch for a dollar. The fruit resembles a green grape but are slightly bigger and more round. The way it’s eaten is by cracking open the shell and sucking out the slimy inside that surrounds the pit although you don’t eat the pit, just the slime that’s surrounding it. It may sound strange but it’s SO delicious!

If you ever happen to walk into a specialty store and see these genepas I highly suggest that you try one – you definitely won’t be disappointed.

I will continue exploring new and exciting foods and you should do the same! Enjoy the experience of not knowing and dive in – you will most likely be pleased.

I will write more about my trip in a different post – stay tuned.