I’ve noticed that each time I go to a restaurant I’m more prone to getting a stomachache then when I cook at home. I started investigating what I do differently – besides knowing exactly what I put into my own meals. I began paying closer attention to my habits at restaurants and have found that I am more likely to eat larger amounts at a faster speed.

I have decided to do something about this because I WANT to be able to eat out. Don’t get me wrong – I love to cook – but sometimes its nice to “change it up” as I’ve talked about in past blogs.

I’ve made a conscious decision to eat slowly – even if everyone else is finished with his or her meal. I know that this will allow for a smoother digestion process and therefore I’m just going to be aware of it – end of story.

I know that when I eat too much food, my belly becomes very bloated and it doesn’t make me feel good at all. The only way for me to change this is to tune in to myself while I’m eating. Even if the meal is SO delicious that I want to gobble it all up, I know that if I just save the rest for tomorrow I will feel so much better AND to top it off, I’ll have a great meal for the next day!

I’m reading my body so much better now that I’m aware of it and the signals that it’s sending me. Pay attention to how you feel while your eating and let the food settle in before you make the decision to continue eating. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that you’re actually full – so just go slowly and wait for the signals.

Your body has an amazing messenger system, so tune into it just like the text messages/emails that you constantly check every hour.