If you like to drink tea and this summer you’ve found yourself spending your hard earned cash on iced tea– then I have a great solution for you.

Find your nearest health food store that sells loose herbs and make it yourself!

I recently did this and have been so happy to have my refreshing tea throughout the day that I made myself!

You need to have a tea steeper that you can stick in hot water. Bodum makes a great tea pot steeper that I will link here

I used lavender, chamomile, and lemongrass for my tea but the choices are completely up to you and your taste buds.

There are MANY herbs to choose from

All you have to do is boil hot water, then put three scoops of each herb into the steeper and then pour the hot water over the herbs and let it sit for a good 10 minutes or longer. Once that’s done let it cool down and then you can drink a cup and put the rest in the fridge for your iced tea. I didn’t add any sweetener but you can add agave nectar or even honey. Try it without any sweetener and taste the true flavors of the herbs. It feels so refreshing and calms me down.

Stay cool.