Last night I made a special dip called Kale Almond pesto that I found at Elana’s Pantry, which is a great blog for recipes. I thought it tasted delicious and didn’t need anything else to complete it – but when I served it to my friend he said, “this definitely needs more salt.” With that comment I knew he was only trying to help the recipe, but what I took out of it was that he’s used to eating foods that are loaded with salt, which completely covers up the true flavors.

If he took the time to actually cook something himself and see what ingredients go into each meal, maybe he would appreciate the true flavors for what they are, and not focus on the lack of salt. When someone says that it needs more salt – they are really telling you that they don’t like it at all and that you should add more salt so that they can’t taste the real flavor because they don’t like it! Maybe I’m wrong and sometimes the dish really does just need more salt, BUT in some cases I do believe this to be true.

Salt is knownsalt_wideweb__470x308,0 to make you swollen – so for your own health try to use it minimally and just let the flavors mix around in your mouth; you will make your body much happier without that extra shake. If your one who adds salt to something without even tasting it first, which I’ve seen plenty of times, I dare you to hide the salt; in fact maybe you should take if off the table and put it into a cabinet where it can’t be seen.

I know you will enjoy food for what it is – just try it. Worst-case scenario, you take the shaker back out of the cabinet – but for now, see if you can surprise yourself and keep it hidden.

Good luck and have a great day.