These flowers remind me that life should be colorful and not filled with discomfort

About six months ago I was suffering with food issues just like many of you are – and by the way I still haven’t gotten it completely right yet. I’m still learning about my body everyday.

Before I started to make a change in my life, I would eat, then feel terrible and start the cycle all over again. I refused to make a change because I simply “liked food too much.” The truth was that I found it to be a burden and really annoying to make the change.

I was only hurting myself.

One day someone who I was speaking with, who also suffers from stomach problems, told me that if I continued eating the way that I was then I would have more of a chance of getting colon cancer in my future. That completely freaked me out and from that moment on I began making the change. It was slow, but I have gotten to the point where I am today – eating a diet without dairy, gluten and refined sugar.

To get to this point, I read lots of books on my condition and began paying attention to what I put into my mouth. Most importantly, I stopped treating my mouth as a “junk yard” where anything that looked good would fall right in.

I have stepped up my self-control because I constantly remind myself that eating something “bad” on a regular basis does NOT make me feel good! It looks good, but it completely ruins my digestion system. Of course I can’t always eat perfectly so once in a while I let myself have something that I should probably avoid and boy is it good!

I’ve found so many substitutions for the foods that I was eating on a regular basis – even sweet treats. There are replacements for the foods that you love, even if you don’t think it’s possible – IT IS – trust me! If I was able to make the change then certainly you are capable of it as well. We all have the ability; it just takes time and dedication.

Try as hard as you can to be conscious of what your body is really craving and not what your head is telling you that your craving – really feel it and try to pin point it. You will be amazed as to how aware your body is capable of being.

You are your best teacher, so enjoy the many lessons you are about to learn.