In many of the blogs and forums that I’ve read about health and eating – the emphasis is on changing the fad of eating fast, eating in our cars and in front of the television. The question remains on how to take you out of this routine? Blog writers can continue asking all these different questions, but how are they really going to help you?

Hands on help is highly encouraged for most cases. I would say to get yourself a Holistic Health Counselor (HHC) who can help change your ways that have been engrained in you for so long.

So much of our upbringing remains with us as we grow into adults, even the way we eat. If you stop to think about what types of foods you were eating as a child it may lead you to realize why exactly you are eating the way you are now.

I am on an amazing journey to become an HHC and can’t wait to dive into this new world of helping people in ways that they’ve never imagined.

I hope your day is filled with hope and laughter.