I just got back from the gym and I was thinking about something pretty important while I was on the elliptical. As I was explaining in a previous entry about how important it is to change up your food routine, the same goes for your workout! If you go on the same machine for 30 minutes every single time you step foot in the gym then you will most likely be working the same muscles over and over again. You need to change up your routine so that you use different muscles at each gym visit.

If you are listening to what I’m saying and decide to alter some things about yourself then your routines should be pretty messed up by now… but it’s a good thing! Change is very important and of course adding an excitement factor to your life will always spice it up.

Make the gym a time and place where you can let go of your everyday stresses and let out some steam! The trick is to pep yourself up before you actually go so that you don’t bail at the last minute. If you go after work then wake up in the morning and make sure you tell yourself that at this particular time you will be going to the gym – and stick with it! You have total control so don’t let your emotions or a bad day give you an excuse to skip out. MAKE IT A PRIORITY!

I’m always battling with this priority, but I’ve come to realize that if I write it down in my daily list of things to do I will definitely get it done.

Good luck and I know you will succeed in helping yourself be healthy.

Have a wonderful night.